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ž’s New Registered Planner Plus (EIA) Accreditation

Changes for planners undertaking State Significant Environment Impact Assessments in NSW

The Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner (REAP) Scheme will provide a framework for registering suitably skilled, qualified and experienced practitioners to make quality assurance declarations for environmental impact statement (EISs) for State significant projects.

Why is this being done and under which instrument?

DPE have created the to streamline the assessment of major projects, provide clear guidance on environmental impact assessment and introduce a new to provide quality assurance for Environmental Impact Statements.

Further information including the Guidelines and FAQ's can be accessed

How do I become Accredited or find someone who is?

ž Registered Planner Plus (EIA)

ž has been approved to run an extended version of our Registered Planner assessment as a mechanism for accrediting practitioners under this scheme. This is called Registered Planner Plus (EIA), or RP+ (EIA) for short.

All ž members who achieve this accreditation will be listed on ž’s website in a register.


When do I need to be accredited by?

Whilst the scheme to accredit practitioners will begin on 1 July 2021, there will be an approximate 12-month grace period for people to become accredited.

Keep in mind that the accreditation process is detailed and not something that can be completed overnight.

What are the criteria for becoming a RP+ (EIA)?

  • Must be (or be eligible to become) a ž member
  • Must have at least 10 years full-time equivalent experience in environmental or planning practice
  • Must be highly skilled in the environmental assessment of projects

How do I sign up?

First, read and understand the RP+(EIA) Membership Booklet. The booklet explains the purpose and eligibility criteria, as well as the ongoing requirements that come with successful completion of the RP+(EIA) course.

If you are not currently a Registered Planner but would like to go through the full accreditation process to become RP+ (EIA) please email membership@planning.org.au. Our team can assist you to get the process underway.

Key dates

1st November 2021 – Applications open to all

There will be four marking windows a year open from this time onwards.

1st July 2022 – It is expected that it will be mandatory to achieve accreditation to sign off on EISs for SSD and SSI’s.


$900 - $700 Registered Planner + $200 EIA

$200 – For current Registered Planners

Event Recording

To view DPE's Lunchtime Seminar: Rapid Assessment Framework and new EP&A Regulation and SEPPs,
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