Planning matters

It supports our everyday. From the clean water that keeps us healthy, to the food that nourishes our bodies and the energy that powers our lives.

Planning connects us with places to live, work, study and play – shaping our world and Australia’s future.

Anyone can be a planner

But not everyone can do what our qualified planners can. So it’s important to recognise that difference with a ž membership.

Our Membership

Invest in your career, be a voice for Australia’s planners and gain recognition for the work you do.

Our membership is here to support high quality planners, so our entry requirements ask for a high standard too.

To become a member, you’ll need to:

  • meet the professional qualifications and level of experience
  • showcase your skills and abilities as a planner
  • commit to ongoing professional development and a code of professional conduct.

Memberships to support your career journey

Registered Planner: Get recognition for your knowledge, skills and talent as a high-calibre planner, as well as your commitment to professional development and ethical practice.

Full Member: Gain professional development, career support and the opportunity to network with Australia’s most successful and influential planners.

Affiliate: Develop the skill sets you need to progress further in your career and reach your full potential as you become a stronger advocate for planning.

Graduate: Get access to the tools, support and connections you need to grow, learn and develop your career in planning.

Student: Start planning your future career with the right tools, information and advice.

Allied Professional: Not a planner but want to stay connected and up to date with the latest industry news? Join and enjoy exclusive discounts on our events and training.

Para-Planner: Studying or working a as a para-planner? Join and enjoy exclusive discounts on our events and training.

Need help? Find out the best membership grade for you by using our membership wizard or contact us at membership@planning.org.au:

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