2024 Key dates

Monday, 24 June 2024 - Nominations Open

Friday, 6 September 2024 - Nominations Close

Friday, 8 November 2024 - Awards for Planning Excellence Ceremony

Simple steps to nominate

  1. Identify the category you will submit your nomination in.

  2. Click on the relevant award category criteria below. Read through the objectives and selection criteria.

  3. Ensure you have all the supporting documents to submit a nomination (as highlighted on the checklist).

  4. Click the 'Nominate' button next to the relevant category. Fill out your nomination form, upload all supporting documents and images through the online form and submit.

  5. You're all done!

Nomination fees

A fee of $230 + GST per nomination is charged for all nominations, excluding Young Planner, Planning Champion, and Tertiary Student Project.

After you submit the online form, we will contact you with information on how to proceed with payment of the nomination fee*.

* ž has determined that nomination fees will be waived for projects where government agencies or not-for-profit organisations are the sole nominees.

If your organisation meets these criteria and you wish to apply for this waiver, please tick the box on the Nomination Form.

National Award categories (presented at state awards with winners going through to national awards)

Strategic Planning Project


Climate Change & Resilience


Community Wellbeing & Diversity


Planning with Country



Technology & Digital Innovation


Great Place


Improving Planning Processes


Stakeholder Engagement


Young Planner of the Year


Planning Champion


Planning Research


Tertiary Student Project


State-only Award categories

Large Consultancy of the Year



Small Consultancy of the Year



Local Government Team (Band 1)



Local Government Team (Band 2-4)



WA Regional Project



Leadership and Service



The W E Bold Memorial Medal

Criteria Nominate

Secondary Student Project



Eric Lumsden Award


Performance and Innovation in Development Award

Criteria Nominate

Conditions of Entry

Please read the Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of ž to enter a project in the Awards?

Unless the eligibility criteria for a specific category require you to be a member, non-ž members may enter the Awards.

Can I enter the same project in more than one category?

Yes, where appropriate, projects may be entered in more than one Award category provided:

  • each nomination addresses the specific selection criteria for each category for each project and
  • you pay the relevant entry fee for each category for applicable states/territories only.

How should I present my submission?

The written component of your entry must address the selection criteria and be presented in A4 format. Addressing the selection criteria in a clear and comprehensive manner is essential for the entry to be competitive as the judges use the information to help with assessment. We encourage the close involvement of the project team in preparing the submission as the judges are closely looking at the quality and robustness of the written content rather than the presentation materials.

Whilst some entrants spend money on graphic design for the entry this has no impact on the judging process.

Is the maximum word count and supporting evidence word/page limit strict?

Yes. Any words that are over the word count/page limit will not be viewed by the judging panel.

Will my submission materials be returned?

No. Entries receiving Awards become the property of ž and will not be returned.

Is there a fee to nominate a project?

Nomination fees are an important part of the financial structure that enables ž to continue to provide a high-quality Awards program.

Entry Fees are $230 + GST per nomination. The fee is payable for nominations for all categories except:

  • Tertiary Student Project
  • Young Planner of the Year
  • Great Place Award
  • Planning Champion Award

ž has determined that nomination fees will be waived for projects where government agencies or non-for-profit organisations are the sole nominee. This decision has been made in recognition of the difficulties these organisations can have either meeting the expense due to budgetary constraints or because of restrictions on expenditure for governance and/or probity reasons.

My project is not geographic/location specific and/or involved input from people around Australia. Which State or Territory Awards should I enter?

You are able to choose any State or Territory to enter a project that is not geographic or location specific and/or involved collaboration with people from a number of different locations but you can only submit one entry in one State or Territory. Multiple entries are invalid.

Types of projects that might fall within this scenario include books or academic papers.

Can I submit an International Project?

International projects can only be accepted on the condition they have been undertaken by an Australian project team/or individual based in Australia.

You are able to choose any State or Territory to enter an international project but you can only submit one entry in one State or Territory. Multiple entries are invalid.

International projects completed by project teams/or individuals who do not reside in Australia are ineligible to nominate.

Will my entry be reassigned to a different category?

Nominators must do their best to select the most suitable category when submitting their nomination, and ordinarily, judges will consider the nomination against the category in which it was lodged. However, in exceptional circumstances, the judges reserve the right to move the entry to another category as they see fit.

Will there be an award and/or commendation in every category?

Not necessarily. Judges analyse all the entries in a category, looking for projects that demonstrate excellence against the category objective and selection criteria. If none of the entries are judged as having reached the threshold of excellence to receive an award or commendation, then the category will pass unawarded.

Can I re-enter a project in subsequent years?

The following rules apply to re-entering projects in subsequent years:

You cannot re-enter the project into the same category in which it has previously received an award or commendation unless there has been significant change to the project, and ž has accepted it. ž is not obliged to notify the judges if a project has received an award or commendation in any category in previous years. Receiving an award or commendation in a previous year does not predetermine the result of the new entry.

Projects that have never received an award or commendation can be re-entered into any appropriate category, including the original category.

You may only re-enter a project that has already received an award or commendation in a previous year if it is entered into a different category.

Where applicable, you must pay the nomination fee for all re-entries.

Need help?

If you have any questions about the WA Awards, please contact us at wa@planning.org.au