ž's State Conference is the premier event for the planning profession in Queensland, bringing together around 200 planners to learn, network and celebrate great planning. Our 2023 Conference will take place in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast from 13 September - 15 September 2023.

Welcome to the Gold Coast ž State Conference for 2023!

As a local woman who grew up on the Gold Coast, I am ecstatic to be convening this year’s QLD ž State Conference in my backyard and to have the opportunity to showcase some of the crown jewels of our city.

The Gold Coast has so much to offer and, in my unbiased opinion, delivers unprecedented lifestyle opportunities that have stemmed from our authentic approach to growth and prosperity.

What do I mean by this? Well, by its very definition, authenticity means ‘you're true to your own personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure that you're under to act otherwise’.

As a city, I believe we hold true to this very mantra. We work dutifully within the framework afforded by the state, yet we thrive on our unique and fierce entrepreneurial spirit. The striving to protect and enhance the Gold Coast's character, culture, and way of life, ensures our city is unrivalled anywhere else in the state or across Australia.

However, despite being so assured of who we are culturally, we face the very same challenges and uncertainties as our counterparts across the state.

Following the theme of the 2023 ž Planning Congress of ‘Foresight,’ the Gold Coast Conference Committee for 2023 has chosen this year’s conference theme as the ‘Golden Age - Finding Golden Opportunity in Uncertainty.’ Each of the sub-themes this year entwines a foresight for the future, buttressed by the need to explore opportunities within a backdrop of increasing uncertainty. The sub-themes are:

  • ‘Our Golden Places’ | Environment, Beaches, Water, Climate, Natural Hazards and Sustainability
  • 'The Golden Opportunity’ | Housing, Economics, Equity and Design
  • ‘A Gold Star’ | Technology and innovation
  • ‘Going for Gold’ | Legacy, Olympics and Entrepreneurialism

On behalf of the Gold Coast Conference Committee and the local Regional Branch Committee, we look forward to welcoming you to the Gold Coast this year for what will be a memorable 2023 ž Gold Coast State Conference.

Madison Ruygrok Mž
Conference Convenor

Visit the 2023 Queensland State Conference website for more details