Young Planner of the Year

Awarded to: Dot Depburn ž (Assoc.)

Dot has drawn on her skills and expierence attained through other disciplines, to now contibute and lead cutting edge planning areas such as heat island effects and microclimate assessment. Dot has positive stakeholder engagements, great energy and demonstrated leadership skills and a passion for planning that shines through.

Community Wellbeing & Diversity


Awarded to: ACT Government, PLACE Laboratory. Oculus, Communication Link Inhabit Place

Project Title: ACT Gender Sensitive Urban Design Framework and Toolkit

The ACT Gender Sensitive Urban Design Framework and Toolkit demonstrated excellence in best practice for how urban spaces can be effectively designed to be inclusive, accessible, and safe to all members of the community. The judges considered the Framework and supporting Toolkit demonstrated an innovative approach to how gender sensitive urban design can be integrated into planning for the public realm and positive social outcomes on the ground.

The judges were particularly impressed by the project’s development process, such as actively engaging stakeholders in place-based walkshops. The resulting Toolkit provides worked examples on several open space typologies: such as local shopping centre, skate park, main street, city centre and transport hub. The judges recognised the transferability and relevance of the Toolkit and typologies to other jurisdictions. The judges look forward to the future implementation of this important work.

Climate Change and Resilience


Awarded to: Suburban Land Agency

Project Title: North Wright Compact Housing Precinct

North Wright Compact Housing Precinct demonstrates excellence in urban planning and design for net zero medium density housing, ‘the missing middle’. It incorporates a commitment to planning with First Nations peoples and country in the process of co-designing the brief and subsequent planning. Sustainability and climate change is central to its approach to housing design and choice including water sensitive urban design, significant landscaping, and light surface colours.

Great Place


Awarded to: SPACELAB Studio on Behalf of the Suburban Land Agency

Project Title: Blue Poles Park

The judges commended how this park was inclusive, landscape led and playful with the Blue Poles innovative theme. It was noted that it was a well-used park and established before residents moved into the area. Overall, the concept was solid and commendable.

Planning with Country


Awarded to: ACT Government- Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate Natural Resource Management

Project Title: Caring for Dhawurua Ngunnawal a natural resource plan for the ACT 2022-2042

This Plan delivers a coherent and integrated approach to cross-border natural resource management. The judges applaud the staged approach to the development of the plan, to embed the outcomes of extensive consultation undertaken with key stakeholders over many years. The Plan has good strategic alignment at an International, National and Local level with respect to conservation of the natural environmental, climate resilience and adaptation. The plan is commended as a positive start towards a more integrated approach to natural resource planning in the ACT and surrounds.

Stakeholder Engagement


Awarded to: Purdon Planning

Project Title: Snowy Monaro Regional Council LEP Consultation

The Snowy Monaro Regional Council LEP Consultation as skilfully designed consultation process conducted across multiple platforms leading to improved community understanding of the complex matters canvassed in the Snowy Monaro Regional Council LEP.

Stategic Planning Project


Awarded to: MGS Architects, Snohetta, Turf Design Studio, ARUP

Project Title: UNSW Canberra City Campus Master Plan

The Master Plan, crafted by MGS Architects, exemplified a commendable collaborative design approach right from the initiation of the planning process. The judges praised the meticulous site assessments and analysis that informed the layout, connections, and the integration of living infrastructure and built form. It showcased a harmonious engagement among Landscape Architects, Architects, Engineers, and Planners at every stage, highlighting the valuable outcomes of such collaboration. The deliberate consideration of site and scale, coupled with interfaces that spoke to and respected their surroundings, earned applause. The judges foresee the campus as a welcomed addition to the city's footprint.

Strategic Planning Project


Awarded to: SPACELAB Studio on Behalf of the Suburban Land Agency

Project Title: Whitlam Estate Development

The estate of Whitlam effectively delivers a response that talks to the topography and distant views. We applaud that the master plan dedicates a large portion to open space, and that much of the due diligence was undertaken prior to the design being considered. The judges considered that the Master Plan showed some strong design and historic references in its delivery. It drew inspiration from Australia’s past Prime Minister and his love of and purchases of art. It also provides users with a range of inclusive play opportunities which builds on other similar sites within the ACT.


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